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Fighting For Injured Pedestrians And Cyclists

Whether for exercise or as an alternate mode of getting around, more and more people are taking to the roads on bicycles and on foot. Washington’s traffic laws carefully govern these interactions, but bicycle and pedestrian accidents continue to occur at a steady rate.

If you suffered a serious injury while walking or biking, you need help from a skilled personal injury attorney. Based in Marysville, Third Street Law has more than 25 years of experience helping pedestrian and bicycle accident victims successfully recover.

Right Of Way

As they attempt to turn or cross the street, both pedestrians and cyclists find themselves interacting with motor vehicle traffic. Cyclists and pedestrians have rights as they move in and around road traffic, but distracted motorists often fail to notice them until it is too late. In most accidents, particularly those that occur within a controlled intersection, the law clearly states who has the right of way. Because of this, pedestrian and bike accident victims have a higher chance of recovering compensation.

Our attorneys frequently handle pedestrian and bicycle accident claims involving:

  • Crosswalk violations
  • Attempting to turn collisions
  • Failure to stop or yield
  • Passing or “dooring” collisions
  • Roadway issues, including potholes, cracked sidewalks and debris

Unprotected And At Risk

Unlike drivers, both cyclists and pedestrians have minimal protection in a car crash. It doesn’t take a physicist to understand that a collision between a person or a bike and a car will not turn out well for the cyclist or pedestrian. These accidents often cause severe injuries, including broken bones, injured joints, and back and neck pain. A collision with a car can even result in death.

Let Us Help

If a negligent driver caused your injury, we can help. Learn more about recovering compensation through a personal injury claim by arranging a no-cost consultation at our Marysville office. Call 360-547-1872 or reach us by email to schedule yours.