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Compassionate Family Law Solutions

Divorce is a sad reality of our legal world. The end of a marriage is always a profound adjustment and a time of great anxiety. It can also be a time of real danger: Decisions are being made which will determine the future well-being of you and, if applicable, your children. You need protection and advocacy at this unsettling time. Turn to Third Street Law for compassionate guidance.

Helping You Navigate A Multitude Of Decisions

When a couple decides to end their marriage, numerous decisions with potentially life-altering ramifications follow. Washington is a no-fault state, which means that either husband and wife may terminate the relationship without proving fault on the part of the other side. Divorce involves a division of property, including land and money, and a determination of child support, maintenance and custody.

Our lawyers have experience handling family law issues including:

    • Legal separation
    • Counseling
    • Post-divorce litigation, planning and modifications
  • Paternity/non-married child support and custody action

Future-Focused Resolutions

Our lawyers recognize the deeply personal nature of family law matters. As ministers of the law, we emphasize a nonadversarial approach and utilize litigation alternatives whenever possible. We believe that resolutions reached through understanding and compromise better enable all parties to move forward.

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