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Custody Plans Tailored To Your Family’s Needs

For separating parents, designing a child custody plan that allows the child to spend adequate time with both parents can be challenging. Navigating new boundaries and the logistics of shuttling a child back and forth between two homes can further complicate custody sharing. When issues arise, you need experienced help. The child custody lawyers at Third Street Law can help you create and implement a custody plan.

Creating Stability For Your Child

For children experiencing divorce, the significant changes and upheaval can be overwhelming. Creating a new routine that allows the child to spend time with each parent can help them adjust and find a new sense of normal. If you and your child’s other parent are struggling to come to an agreement regarding time-sharing, our lawyers can help you.

Decision Making Made Easier

Under Washington’s custody laws, each parent’s time with a child is outlined in a parenting plan instead of a joint custody or visitation plan. The parenting plan addresses the responsibilities of each parent and the time a child spends in their care. While creating a parenting plan, parents make decisions regarding when each parent will spend time with the child for vacations, holidays and birthdays in addition to normal time-sharing. By establishing a time-sharing schedule in advance, disagreements over special days are no longer an issue.

Modifying Plans As Needs Change

Change is a constant factor for both parents and children alike. As the needs of the child evolve or a parent’s schedule changes, the parenting plan may no longer be appropriate. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances, Washington courts allow you to request a modification to your parenting plan.

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